Living green initiative

Caring for Our Environment

Living Green is Clayton Hotels & Partners environmental movement that inspires care for our environment as a “Way of Life” throughout our hotels, for both our people and our guests.

Here at Clayton Hotel Charlemont, we have a passion for the local and wider environment. We are currently introducing new and innovative changes to create more sustainable hotel stays, and to play our role in protecting the world around us.

We have already implemented some successful policies and do not intend to stop there!


Green Tourism

Clayton Hotels have partnered with Green Tourism, a hospitality specialist environment accreditation partner. Green Tourism has completed “Energy & Sustainability Audits” in Clayton Hotel Charlemont, assigning the hotel accreditation as part of this process.

These audits are helping us prioritize the areas where we need to act and allowing us to continuously improve our green efforts. In conjunction with this work, we have formed a “Green Team” made up of team members across hotel departments who are passionate and have a desire to lead the implementation of a greener agenda at the hotel level.

Our Environmental Culture

Here at Clayton Hotel Charlemont, we have a passion for the local and wider environment. we are currently in the process of introducing new and innovative environmentally-friendly changes so we can play our role in protecting the world around us.

We have already implemented some changes and do not intend to stop there. Our team is on board and will be fully trained on all our environmental policies.

Living Green Key Initiatives

We fully encourage our moment makers to avail of the bike to work scheme and provide safe lockup areas for them to leave their bikes while at work.

In all departments of the hotel, we constantly look at ways to minimise our waste by eliminating single-use items and replacing them with sustainable alternatives and also by working closely with our suppliers on minimising packaging.

We aim to recycle all we can at the hotel and reduce our water waste by lowering flow rates in taps and showers. We have even introduced rainwater harvesting to look after the herbs and flowers in our Eco Garden.

As a newly built hotel opened in 2018, we are up to date with the latest in low energy LED lighting, but we still look for ways to reduce unnecessary usage. We have timers and sensors installed in public corridors to ensure lights are not on longer than needed but with no impact on our guests.

Take a look below at some of our other key initiatives at Clayton Hotel Charlemont.

Herbs and Flower Garden

Being located in Dublin city centre we feel it is important to provide even a small place for wildlife to feel at home. With this in mind, we are creating a pollinator friendly eco garden full of herbs and flowers.

Water Conservation

We are consistently looking at ways to reduce water wastage through education and training. One of our projects is to introduce rainwater harvesting to keep our eco garden in bloom.

Community Involvement

Clayton Hotel Charlemont supports the local canal clean-up, where once a month our Moment Makers volunteer their time to keep the Grand Canal clean, tidy and safe for all to enjoy.

Regional Suppliers

We are very proud to collaborate with many local food suppliers as part of our Living Green commitment at Clayton Hotel Charlemont. Using local suppliers reduces the negative environmental impacts associated with the transportation of goods over long distances which includes reduced greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants which are harmful to the environment.


Situated just two minutes from the LUAS Greenline and serviced by a number of Dublin Bus Routes, there are plenty of ways for our guests at Clayton Hotel Charlemont to make their way to local attractions all the while doing their own bit in protecting our environment.

With the iconic Grand Canal right on our doorstep, we encourage our guests to make use of Dublin’s excellent cycleways and explore the leafy Southside of the City while taking in beautiful views along the way. Dublin bikes is an easily accessible and affordable bike rental system across the city – you can pick up a bike at Station #16, Charlemont Place just a 2-minute walk from our front door.

Sustainable Hotel Stays

As a guest at Clayton Hotel Charlemont, there are many ways in which you can work with us to help reduce our environmental impact. You can really make a difference by considering some of these ideas:

  • Remembering to remove your key card from the power point in your room when you leave
  • Turn off lights when leaving the room
  • Turn off the television when leaving the room
  • Turn off taps
  • Limit the use of air-conditioning or heating
  • Read towel and linen policy
  • See our tourist information for local attractions, many of which are within walking distance

The Future

At Clayton Hotel Charlemont, we are committed to continuing our efforts in reducing our environmental impact. If you have any recommendations or would like to know more, please contact us.


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