How to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Dublin 2023

Date: Friday, 17th of March

The world becomes Irish when St. Patricks Day rolls around, and we may be bias, but there is no better place in the world to celebrate this international holiday than Dublin itself. With the entire country taking to the streets to celebrate this patriotic holiday for the first time since 2019, you can expect a huge celebration, including parades, live music and dancing.

This year’s festival is set to be the biggest yet, with over half a million expected visitors travelling to our little island, looking to experience contemporary and traditional Irish art, culture, and heritage, which will be strongly represented over the five-day festival, with “Connections” as the running theme this year. Festival Director, Anna McGowan describes the true meaning of the “Connections” theme in an interview with RTE, “It’s about looking at what has bound us over the last two years and how we’ve been able to connect with each other during the really challenging times that we’ve had. But it’s also about Ireland; our connection with each other as a country, and also those international connections that we have as a global family of 80 million”.

What to do on St. Patricks Day in Dublin

1. Fuel up in Gaudens Restaurant with a delicious Full Irish Breakfast

Start your St. Patricks day in Dublin the right way, with an energizing feast in Gaudens Restaurant, that will have you ready to take on Dublin City and all the fun Paddy’s Day activities you have planned. Our highly commended full Irish breakfast offers a range of vitality and variety to satisfy any appetite. The perfect starting point for your day of celebrations.

2. Get your greens on

Before we jump into what to wear for the big day, be sure you know the weather climate your up against. Mid-March in Dublin is early spring, but don’t be fooled the weather can be deceptive. Temperatures range from around 4°C – 10°C, and can be one of the rainiest months in Ireland, with an average of 24 days of rain. So, be prepared it can be cold in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day. But don’t let this scare you, get involved and get your greens on.

Legend has it St. Patrick himself, used the shamrock to teach the Irish about the Holy Trinity, and its tradition to wear a bunch on March 17th.  Be sure to get in the spirit and get your hands on a bunch for yourself!

3. Get a green coffee at Red Bean Roastery

Our very own Red Bean Roastery coffee dock is supplying the ultimate green coffee pick-me-up, to give you a spring in your step before you head to the festival.

4. Go for a stroll before the madness begins on Dublin’s Famous Grand Canal

Be prepared, Dublin will be extremely busy before, during, and after the parade, so before you join the madness, why not take a relaxing stroll down Dublin’s famous Grand Canal on Clayton Hotel Charlemont’s doorstep.

5. Get to the Parade

From early morning, crowds gather along the route of the festival, packing along with them all the necessary supplies for the day, including a step ladder to get the perfect view. If you don’t fancy packing a step ladder, you could always treat yourself to a Grandstand Ticket for €77, where you can watch the iconic national Parade from covered, sheltered stands.

The parade lasts for two hours from start to finish, including music and marching bands from all over the world, with colourful floats, dancers, magnificent costumes and so much more. Location is absolutely everything when planning your trip to Dublin for the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Clayton Hotel Charlemont is a 20-minute Luas journey to the starting point of the festival at Parnell Square, or a 20-minute walk to the end of the festival at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the perfect location for all festival goers.

6. Have a plan for after the Parade

Whether you are with family or friends, having a plan in place for after the parade is essential to avoid getting lost in the big crowds. It’s also worth leaving the parade a bit early to avoid crowds. Although Temple Bar is a must visit during your trip to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, you should explore other pubs a little further from the city centre. Lockside Bar/Social is a great choice for a relaxed gathering, in a setting filled with elegance and tranquillity, in the idyllic location overlooking Dublin’s famous Grand Canal. The perfect location to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail or a creamy pint of Guinness after the hustle and bustle of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

7. Finish off your St. Patrick’s Day strong with a mouth-watering meal

After a long day of celebrations, there is nothing better than a flavoursome dinner at Gaudens Restaurant. With menu’s that are constantly evolving, you will be kept on your toes with its secrets and surprises designed to thrill and excite your taste buds.

8. Why is St. Patrick’s Day such an iconic celebration?

Cheerful Irish, amazing events and activities, pints of Guinness, Irish step dancing, singing songs you may not understand, and cheering “sláinte” to everyone you pass—what’s not to love?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from all of us at Clayton Hotel Charlemont. We hope this blog allows you to plan a seamless celebration, where you can create memories that will last a lifetime. For more information on how to book an evening in Lockside Bar/Social & Gaudens Restaurant please contact us on +353 (0)1 960 6700. Why not make a weekend out of it and book a night’s stay, with our unmissable special offers.

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